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2023 Scholarship Recipients



Avery attends Arapahoe High School. She participated in several sports throughout high school with her favorite being Lacrosse. Avery has shadowed veterinarians and her dream is to become one herself! She plans on attending either Colorado State University or Texas A&M.



Callie attends Regis University and is pursuing a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She hopes to specialize in animal-assisted therapy, specifically working with adolescents. Callie is also doing an internship with Animal Assisted Therapy Programs in of HHF's participating therapists for our ATT program! What a great surprise being told this by Callie when we awarded her at Regis!



Shelby attended Douglas County High School and is now a freshman at CSU. She will be majoring in Biomedical Science for her undergraduate degree with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. Shelby thanks her mom for being her biggest supporter!

2022 Scholarship Recipients



Brianna attended Golden High School and is now attending Central Wyoming College.   Brianna has been around horses all her life and they bring her so much joy that she's pursuing a degree in Equine Management.   



Macie is a senior at Rock Canyon High School.  She is interested in the animal service industry, specifically marine biology or zoology.   Macie has applied at Univ. of CO, CO State Univ., and Texas A&M.   



Ashley graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2017 with a Rural Development degree. She grew up around dogs as her grandpa was a dog musher and owned a dog team. Ashley dreams of having her own team one day! She is planning on attending Bel-Rea Animal Institute of Technology in Denver to obtain her vet tech certification. This would allow her to provide the care for her dog team!

2021 Scholarship Recipients



Amanda volunteered during her high school years in a vet clinic; it was there when she became passionate about animals and chose to become a vet tech.   Amanda attends Bel-Rea Vet Tech School.   She enjoys spending time with her friends, family, & having date nights with her new husband. 

Kira Duran.png


Kira is a graduate from Vantage Point High School in Northglenn.    Kira loves being outside with her dogs.   Kira was employed at a doggie day care facility and became supervisor within a very short period of time!   Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 & travel restrictions heightened, many were let go at the facility.  Her dream now is to attend Bel Rea Vet Tech school.



Ashlee is currently a senior at Arvada West High School.  She has been accepted into Kansas State University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Washington State University.  With all of these outstanding colleges to choose from she has chosen The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss Hotty Toddy) in the fall of 2021 and plans to major in Biology.  Good luck Ashlee! 



Mitchell is a senior at Golden High School.   He loves to play tennis in his spare time.  He plans on attending Colorado State University and major in Zoology and then pursue a degree in veterinary medicine.   Mitchell has the goal of specializing in veterinary surgery. 

2020 Scholarship recipients

Leah Nagar.jpg


 Leah is currently attending Bel-Rea Animal Institute of Technology in Denver, CO to obtain an Associates in Animal Technology.  Leah holds a BS in Business Management.   Leah's goal is to work in an equine medical hospital.   She also volunteers for a horse therapy clinic for students with disabilities and works part time at Park Hill Animal Clinic. 

Marty Kacsh.jpg


Marty is a resident of Evergreen, CO & a senior at Green Mountain High School.  Marty is very active in 4-H and FFA.  He will be attending West Texas A&M to study veterinary medicine.  He loves his horse Scout, rides frequently, and has been known to judge Best Bison competitions.

Taylar Kolstad #2.jpg


Taylar resides in Lakewood, CO.  She is a senior at Green Mountain High School and very active in 4-H.  Taylar will pursue a Marine Sciences degree before studying veterinary medicine.  She loves her horse Moose and rides as often as possible.

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