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 Leah is currently attending Bel-Rea Animal Institute of Technology in Denver, CO to obtain an Associates in Animal Technology.  Leah holds a BS in Business Management.   Leah's goal is to work in an equine medical hospital.   She also volunteers for a horse therapy clinic for students with disabilities and works part time at Park Hill Animal Clinic. 


Marty is a resident of Evergreen, CO & a senior at Green Mountain High School.  Marty is very active in 4-H and FFA.  He will be attending West Texas A&M to study veterinary medicine.  He loves his horse Scout, rides frequently, and has been known to judge Best Bison competitions.


Taylar resides in Lakewood, CO.  She is a senior at Green Mountain High School and very active in 4-H.  Taylar will pursue a Marine Sciences degree before studying veterinary medicine.  She loves her horse Moose and rides as often as possible.



Halston’s Hope Foundation is a Colorado based non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues and ending the stigma surrounding mental health.  Halston’s Hope Foundation provides scholarships to young adults interested in the animal service industry and who are passionate about reducing the stigma of mental illness.  We believe that through the healing touch of animals and the helping hands of a community, together we can save lives and inspire strength in young adults everywhere. 


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