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On March 28, 2019, our world was forever changed.  Our 28-year-old daughter, Halston, took her own life. Although Halston suffered from occasional bouts of anxiety and depression, she was a happy young woman with a beautiful soul who always put others first. Everyone who met Halston loved her and her genuine heart. If you had the opportunity to know Halston, you know how she made everybody feel like somebody.   

Halston had a distinctive sense of humor; one of her goals was to try stand-up comedy but her anxiety kept her from doing so.  She had a quick wit and loved making people laugh! Whether it was her spontaneous rap “flows”, wearing costumes on the ski slopes, disguising herself as T-Rex while twerking & stopping traffic, covering herself with a white sheet and roaming the halls of the infamous & "haunted" Stanley Hotel, the countless videos of "talking dogs” that she created during her pet-sitting, or her unpremeditated songs & silly dance moves - Halston drew deep belly laughs!

We miss our precious daughter immensely; our hearts will always be broken. But even a broken heart has much to give!  In our healing journey, we have chosen to not let grief, sadness, and anger envelop us.  We feel incredibly blessed that God chose us to be her family.   Being that Halston was an avid animal lover, we wish to keep her spirit alive by offering scholarships to those who seek to be in the animal service industry and who have a genuine heart for those who struggle with the social and emotional issues that young people face today.     

If you feel in your heart that this is a great cause and you would like to donate, please know that 100% of donations will be allocated to the scholarship fund.  If there’s another charity that is closer to your heart, that’s okay!   We simply ask that you refer us to anyone you feel would be a match for the scholarship or anyone you may know that is involved in the animal service industry.  And as always, prayers are welcome!

We thank you; we appreciate you!

Halston's Mom 



Kimberly Smith-Adams


Our Story

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