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Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship. Application deadline is January 13th and scholarship recipients will be chosen by February 14th.

1st place scholarship: $3,000 

2nd place scholarship: $2,000

3rd place scholarship: $1,000


Fund Allocation: Tuition, books, fees, on-campus housing, curriculum tools and supplies.



Applicants must be currently seeking an education in a pet service industry.  This includes and is not limited to:

  • Veterinarian

  • Service Dog Trainer

  • Vet Assistant/Tech

  • Groomer

  • Trainer

  • Zoologist

  • Seeing-Eye Dog Trainer

  • Animal Nutritionist 


Tell Us About Yourself

Applicants must submit an application detailing the following:

  • What obstacles and challenges have you experienced and how did you overcome these challenges?

  • What can one do to find happiness, joy, contentment, or peace during difficult life circumstances?

  • Why have you chosen the specific education path?

  • In what ways do you take care of yourself and boost your wellbeing? 

  • Give 1 example of a time that you portrayed kindness to someone.

  • Why should you be chosen for this scholarship?


Pay It Forward

The applicant chosen for this scholarship will have the opportunity, if they so desire, to participate in future events with Halston's Hope Foundation.  We simply ask that they "pay it forward" by spreading kindness and by speaking up should they witness someone being bullied or ridiculed because of their disability or mental health challenges

Scholarship Application

Thanks for submitting!

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