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Halston's Hope Foundation

OUR MISSION:  Saving lives through the healing touch of animals.

About Halston's Hope Foundation

PURPOSE:  We exist to help reduce youth suicides

To inspire strength in young adults, HHF works with school-based counselors and therapists to provide animal-assisted therapy.  HHF has partnered with therapists who use animals in their therapy model throughout the Denver metro area.  Based on a referral from a school counselor or therapist, HHF pays for therapy sessions.

HHF also offers scholarship assistance for those who seek to be in the animal assisted industry.  Working with accredited educational institutions students can apply for academic scholarships for use in an academic degree-granting program in a trade school, community college,  university, or an online degree program.


VISION:  A world without youth suicide

HHF envisions a world in which young people can maximize their potential without the societal pressure
and mental health issues that so often result in the tragic loss of life. Through its animal-assisted therapy
and scholarship programs, HHF wants to help reduce youth suicides in Colorado by 2030. As part of this
vision, HHF also seeks to lessen the stigma around mental illness and to raise awareness of youth mental
health issues and their impact on families.


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